MEETING: November 29, 2018

Message from the President

Hi Everybirdie!

This will be in our first evening in our new meeting room. It seems to be a nice place with plenty of room. We have our own ice machine, storage for meeting supplies and area for refreshments. The new address is:

VFW POST #1679
3801 Market St.
Ventura, CA

The speaker will be Alyssa Bordonaro. She a Professional Trainer and Master Falconer. She will be doing flight demonstrations with her hawks in our meeting room. DO NOT BRING YOUR BIRDS LOOSE OR IN A CAGE. This should be very interesting and exciting. Please bring your friends and family to the meeting.

See you there!

Cryste Lake
Membership Chairman

Message from the Vice President

Our presenter for this month on November 29th will be Alyssa Bordonaro. A friend to the bird club who has one of the more exciting bird vocations, she is a Master Falconer.

Alyssa has been working with birds of prey since her father introduced her to them at age six. By the age of ten she was training raptors. She has been a licensed falconer in Ventura county since 2006. She and her husband began their own company using hawks and falcons as a natural deterrent to pest birds. The company is called “Hawk Pros.” She loves sharing her passion for birds with us and others.

This has always been a great time for all and a good time to bring in other people who enjoy birds. So bring a friend or neighbor. The time of the presentation will be 7:00pm. There is ample parking and good lighting in the back of our new facility, VFW Post 1679 at 3801 Market Street in Ventura. We will have the signs out so you can’t miss it. Come fly a falcon!

Don Lake
Vice President


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