MEETING: October 25, 2018

Message from the President

Hi Everybirdie!

Tomorrow is our last meeting at the Moose Lodge.  They notified us that they have another use for the room. No worries, though. We have already found a place to meet!  The VFW Post 1679 (Veterans of Foreign Wars) has graciously offered one of their rooms for the same price we paid at the Moose Lodge. It’s very large, we have our own storage space and a small kitchen with our own ice maker!!!  The VFW is more centered in Ventura and is located on Market Street near Callens. The address is VFW Post 1679, 3801 Market St.,Ventura CA 93003.

Again, tomorrow, we meet at the Moose Lodge, 7:00pm as usual.

Don will let you know about our wonderful speaker.  It will be good, no doubt!

Cryste Lake
Acting Membership Chairman


Message from the Vice President

Sorry for the very late timing of my news nest article.  Time just slips by too easily.   Our speaker of this month is the Havasi Wilderness Foundation. Marilyn Fordney and Sandor Havasi are world travelers, environmentalists and photographers.  They will present the Wanderers of the Continents: Bird Migration Through Central Europe.

Sándor Havasi spent his growing up years in Europe with experience among forests and wild animal life. He came to America and married a textbook writer, Marilyn Takahashi Fordney. They began traveling and noticed many parts of the world are suffering from air and water pollution and some cities from over population. The success of Marilyn’s books led to the creation of two foundations. One was established in 2002 that supports youth in dance sport and the second created in 2008 educates the general public with respect to the importance of protecting and preserving the natural ecosystems.

Join us for a trip though Africa to Central Europe. See you tomorrow.  Bring a Friend!

Don Lake
Vice President


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