Auction: September 27, 2018

Message from the President

Hi Everybirdie!

This Thursday the 27th is our annual auction!  I hope everyone can come.  We have lots of fun.

I want to thank Desiree Lake (our daughter), the Bartons, and the Sitlers for filling baskets and Sue Rockholt for the use of her home to make the baskets.

I also want to thank the donors and the ones who went out to get donations. Thank you goes to the Bartons, the Sitlers, Howard Kaminsky, Desiree Lake, the Galvans, Dr. McNeil, and a big thank you to Don our Vice President who has done a miraculous job by making this a great auction!

Please try to come on Thursday.  It is a lot of fun and it brings lots of money to our club. We use the money partly for running the club, but also allows us to donate to avian refuges here in our area and others.

So bring your wallets, check books and credit cards and have fun!

Cryste Lake


Message from the Vice President

This is the month we all get to have fun at the Auction.  We have been making auction baskets of all kinds and we all will find something to bid on.  Make sure you invite all your friends, maybe even your neighbors.  This is the only time we make money for the club and to help with any of the avian rehabs or refuges in our area.  THIS YEAR WE WILL ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS!

The auction starts at 7:30 so we can set up but don’t be late because the first table will close at 8:00 and one every 15 minutes thereafter and we will try to be out by 10.  Make sure you get your number to bid and have fun.

Don Lake
Vice President


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