Meeting: May 31, 2018

Message from the President

Hello Everybirdie!

At our meeting this Thursday, May 31, Dr. Attila Molnar will be speaking about conservation in Madagascar.   He is a Veterinarian and Avian Specialist in Calabasas and is extremely knowledgeable about all kinds of animals.    Please invite family & friends to come with you.  They are not required to have birds.  Everyone is welcome.

Please, please, please remember to PAY YOUR DUES!

If you have not paid, you are now past due.

I have the pleasure to let you know that Maedene Kaminsky has volunteered to be Secretary on the Board!  Thank you so much Maedene!

See you at the meeting…

Cryste Lake


Message from the Vice President

Ventura County Bird Club would like to invite you to an evening with Dr. Attila Molnar on Thursday, May 31.  Dr. Molnar will speak about “Animal Conservation Challenges in Madagascar.”  The evening will be a presentation of case studies and slide shows of exotic animals of Madagascar and an open forum for questions to the Dr. about any of your concerns about your pet birds.  Nutrition, behavior, training, treatments for your birds are also open for conversation.

Dr. Molnar hails from Transylvania, Romania. As a child he was fascinated with all animals and he spent most of his free time chasing after snakes and lizards.  He bred parakeets as well.

He realized his dream of becoming a veterinarian when he graduated from the Institute of Veterinary Medicine of Budapest in 1990. He then came to the United States and earned his veterinary degree from the University of Iowa.  Since then, Dr. Molnar has not wasted any time in advancing his knowledge in the veterinary sciences: He developed an interest in small animal internal medicine and later achieved board certification in avian medicine, venomous reptiles and snakes.

Dr. Molnar is involved in various conservation efforts, including those related to the Lear’s Macaw, California Condor, and New Zealand Kea and Kakapo.

Please join us with your family and friends.

Thank you,

Don Lake

Vice President


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