Meeting: April 26

Searching for Rare Cockatoos in Australia

Presented by: Richard Armerding

Message from the President

Hi Every Birdie!

This is the month that we nominate our board members. We will vote on all positions, including those currently held.  We are specifically looking for volunteers to be Secretary and Membership Chairman.  I will be calling for nominations at the next meeting on Thursday, April 26.  If you haven’t already done so, please pay your dues so that you can vote!

Cryste Lake

Message from the Vice President

Our speaker this month is Richard Armerding, owner of Wild Birds Unlimited in Thousand Oaks. An active member of the Audubon Society, he has been observing wild birds for 30 years.  In addition, he has several companion birds at home.

He recently went on an expedition in Australia to search for rare cockatoos. He will be sharing with us the results of his adventure.  So it’s off to Australia with Richard for a virtual expedition to find parrots in the wild!

In other news, please start or renew your membership.  Our Board elections will take place at the next meeting.  If you would like to join the Board, it requires one additional meeting per month and small administrative tasks that help get things done for the club. If you can spare one more night a month we would enjoy your input, even as a member-at-large.

Remember that birds of a feather flock together!

Don Lake
Vice President

For more information, call Susan Rockholt (805) 488-6244 or you can leave a message for any Board member at (805) 326-3458.


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